Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Running for Haiti

I am two weeks away from attempting the most physically demanding dream on my Dare2Dream list.

Dream #9: Run a Marathon

On July 18th I will be participating in the Massey Friendly Marathon in…Massey.

“Where is Massey”, you ask? It is about six hours north of Toronto.

“Why Massey?" Because it’s friendly and I don’t think it’s high on the list for Kenyan runners...so my chances of winning are much better.

Actually, I have absolutely NO chance of winning…short of wearing my roller skates (which I have considered). In fact, at this point…I’m not even convinced that I’ll be able to finish the entire 42km distance.

But, believe me, if I don't it won't be for lack of trying.  I have been training and have run more often (and farther) in the last 5 months then I have in my entire life. As a result, I’ve learned so much about myself, my physical limits and my ability (and willingness) to push through “walls”. It has already been an amazing journey, but I can’t stop here. I have to go to Massey.

My brother-in-law, Dan, has been training as my running partner. This will be his first marathon as well, but he’s definitely more ready for it than I am. So, if I do end up falling flat on my face at any point during the race, he’s been ordered to save himself and finish on his own.

Now, I’ve been asked over 1,257 times (if my memory serves me correctly) how I would feel if I couldn’t finish the race. My answer is always the same. I’d be disappointed. However, I’d probably be even more disappointed if I never tried.

So, I determined long ago that I would rather end up lying in a pool of sweat, with a number pinned to my back, at the 30 km mark on some street in Massey, Ontario then not go at all.

Let’s see what happens.

However, as satisfying as it would be to make this just another exercise in personal growth, I’d really love to partner this dream with another one on the list.

Dream #11: Raise $10,000 for Stillerstrong

To date I have raised $550 for Stillerstrong (who has partnered with Architecture for Humanity) to help build schools in Haiti. I am obviously still a long way off from reaching my goal, but I’m pressing forward trying to find creative ways to pull it off.

Here’s the plan:

I’m looking for individuals who would come along side me and make a donation amount based on how many kilometres I complete.

If I can find 240 generous dreamers who would be willing to pledge $1 per finished kilometre and I actually finish the entire 42km, then I will have fulfilled two dreams and made many children in Haiti very, very happy!

Of course
ANY sponsoring amount would be much appreciated!

Would YOU consider helping the ongoing rebuild in Haiti by sponsoring my first marathon attempt? If so...Here’s how:

1) MAKE A PLEDGE (Set Figure or Per Kilometer):

     a. If donating after the race, contact me with your pledge amount via
               i. Comment on this blog post or,
               ii. Email HERE or,
               iii. Facebook at “I’m Daring to Dream with Timmy

     a. Give via your preferred payment method              
               i. Pay Pal via "Donate" Button

               ii. Cash (in person) or,
               iii. Cheque (in person or by mail) –
                        *Make cheque payable to Tim Boyle

Here’s to a great run! See you at the finish line (figuratively...unless you plan on attending the race).

*RACE UPDATE:  I FINISHED IT!  $1775 has been raised so far.  Story and Pics to come soon!


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