Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Raising $10,000 for Stillerstrong

Dream #11:  Raise $10,000 for Stillerstrong.

Why $10,000?  Because it's low enough to be reasonably achieveable and high enough to make it "dream" worthy. 

On May 1st, I hosted a night of comedy & inspiration called "Seriously Funny", at which I performed my stand-up comedy, spoke about the Dare2Dream adventure and "attacked my greatest fear" (Dream #8).  The evening raised $555 for Stillerstrong.

On July 18th, I successfully ran my first marathon (Dream #9).  It was an awesome mental & physical challenge but it also, due to many generous dreamers, raised $1875 to builds schools in Haiti.

On July 24th, I had the immense privilege of hosting Dr. Dale's Comedy Magic Show.  I was surprised and very grateful to see Dr. Dale had put a small donation box at the back of the room, in support of my dream to help children in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  Not sure what to expect, I was thrilled to find $33 had been given.  Every little bit counts!  

To date I am proud to say that $2,463 total has been raised.  And, although the "deadline" for my Dare2Dream adventure technically passed almost 2 weeks ago, the dreamin' continues!  You see, there is no such thing as a deadline for dreams and...the work in Haiti is far from over.

So, with 3/4 of the goal still to be reached, I've begun brainstorming other ideas to fulfill this dream.

Idea #1:  Create the most amazing fundraising video...ever!

Well, by merging the heart of Stiller's campaign (Stealing great ideas) and the heart of Alyssa Milano (The queen of Twitter & humanitarian efforts)...I have done just that.

Enjoy, and pass it on.  Thanks....from me and the kids in Haiti.

Of course if the video doesn't work...we move on.

Idea #2:  Bake sale.


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