Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SKY DIVE - Part 4: The (2nd) Most Awesome Experience of my Life

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There are some things that are very difficult to put into words. I’m here to say that Skydiving is one of those things.

It is no simple task to capture all that transpires physically, mentally & emotionally, while falling through the clouds, and wrap it neatly into a package of coherent words and phrases.

Although, writing about the experience leading up to the point of no return flowed out of me as free as the fall, the moment between the jump and the landing has left me tight lipped. I have lots to say, but no clue how to say it.

I would say that my Skydive experience has left me speechless, but I can’t because, well…I just finished three short paragraphs describing how speechless my Skydive experience has left me. That may be “rambling”, but it’s not “speechless”.

Anyways, although I am tempted, knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, to just let the following video and pictures do the talking…I won’t.

Question: What do you feel when you’re falling from a plane on purpose (“on purpose” being the key phrase)?
Answer: Peace

That’s right. Peace.

Now, while in the doorway of the plane, I was obviously hesitant about my decision to toss myself into the sky,

but once I jumped (whether I “jumped” or “was pushed” is a matter of semantics) and cleared the threshold…it was peace.

Contrary to popular belief (including my own) there was no fear. The whole experience was simply too surreal to feel fear.

Fear is what would arise if you fell out of a plane…unintentionally (whether by accident or attempted murder).

Fear is what you feel if it were Christmas and you were hanging outside a 30th floor window of the Nakatomi building knowing that your grip on the wrist of John McLane’s wife was about to broken as her watch strap became unclipped.

The interesting thing about Skydiving is that, despite the fact gravity is always doing its job and you are plummeting at a break-neck speed (I topped out at 235 km/h) towards the earth, never once do you feel like you are falling.

It really is like…you’re flying!

I experienced a breath-taking 6,000 foot, 39 second free fall. It was truly one of the most exciting moments in my life. Interestingly enough, my top two most exciting moments both took 39 seconds. The other one was almost 10 years ago on my honeymoon.

Once the chute was deployed, I went from flying to floating. At one point, Oleg (my tandem partner) and I were completely enveloped by a cloud. Nothing but white! It was absolutely beautiful.

As we passed through to the other side I could see for miles. Now, I fully understand that I live in a metric country, but saying “I could see for kilometres” sounds dumb. Anyways, the point is I could see far. In fact, I’m pretty sure I could see Sarah Palin’s house.

Now, having been on a plane, there was nothing new about being able to see such a great distance, but being able to spin 360 (which I did) and see the horizon all the way around…that’s cool!

I have no idea how long I was in the air. It felt like an eternity, but once I was on the ground it felt like a blur. The whole experience seemed unbelievable. I couldn’t believe I had just jumped out of a plane, and I couldn’t believe that it was over.

I hit the earth butt-first, with a very smooth “sitted” landing.

If it wasn’t for Oleg, who I was attached to, tapping me on my shoulder and telling me to get up (for his own comfort), I think I’d still be sitting in that field.

It was pure craziness…and I’d do it all again!

Enjoy the images. They are spectacular. But, please understand that no picture or video will ever truly capture the…


Thanks to Steve for sharing the experience with me!

Thanks to Oleg for getting me to the ground alive!

Thanks to Skydive Toronto for providing the entire experience with great video and pics!  Be sure and check them out. 

Have a good one,
Daring to Dream,

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