Wednesday, February 3, 2010

D2D - An Inspiration

I am naturally very excited about my "Dare 2 Dream" adventure, but I was overwhelmed to receive the following letter, a few days after sharing about it with some people.

Here is an abridged version of that letter:

Hey Tim,

I wanted to tell you that your dreaming is inspiring and that I am glad you made the list…Lately I have felt as though my life was really lacking in adventure…My whole life, I have been in some sport or another and, when I get good at it, I always seem to quit for some reason or another…I never carry it out to the end of the journey…

I used to dream about becoming a world class climber. I turn 30 this year…by my 32nd birthday I would like to be among the ranks of world class climbers. At first I was just saying that I was daydreaming and that there is no way that it would ever happen, but then I started to feel like I would never accomplish anything with that attitude.

Hearing you talking about your dreams and how they are sheer insanity, yet you are going to try, has inspired me to start chasing after my dreams for real and not just dream about them.

Here is a poem I wrote:
My CalamityDreams are visions of reality
Written on my brain.
The need to make them real
Is causing all my pain.
My soul trapped from freedom
And my heart held in a cage;
This book that holds my life
Is nothing but a page.
To live the life of dreams
Is all my poor heart craves;
Every piece of every dream
Is what my sad soul saves.
To catch the wind and hold the sun
As close as one's true love;
To win the hearts of all mankind
And of the heavens above.

It is truly the conflict that I have dealt with for years…(The) need to live my dreams, and yet an inability to truly live at all. I hope this is it. This is the time for me to break forth and chase after what God truly has in store for me. Thank you for being such an inspiration, in a world full of dream crushers. Don’t ever back off. You are living how God intended, trusting on him to make everything to fall into place, as long as you take the first step, he will show you the next.

That's Awesome.
Dare 2 Dream!


  1. It may sound small, but if your daring to dream does nothing more than inspire someone who really needed to be inspired, then you have succeeded. bravo! However, I know that God will continue to use you to achieve so much more so keep dreaming timmy!

  2. Thanks Connie,

    I really do believe that my journey has the potential to inspire many. Thanks, as well, for your constant encouragement.

  3. Tim, you have inspired me also. I am always asking myself if this is it... I have so many dreams that I would love to at least try. Reading that letter above has made me realize that there really are people in the world who inspire others to reach out and dare to dream - or in my case, dare to at least try to reach my dreams. As an individual suffering from depression, I want to thank both you and that writer for allowing me to see the world a little bit different. Thanks Tim

  4. That's awesome! And, daring to "try" is legitimate. To try and fail isn't failure, but to never try...may be.

    There are many more dreamers out there so, please pass on the links to as many as you can. Making a difference, one dream at a time.