Friday, July 30, 2010

BUNGEE - Part 2: Parlez-Vous Bungee?

The day started like any other, “Hey kids, we’re going to Quebec!”

Okay. So, packing the family up for a day trip to another province isn’t exactly a regular occurrence at our home. Of course, knowing that the sole purpose of our journey would be to jump from a 200-foot tower just made it that much more unique.

With my birthday fast approaching, Bungee Jumping remained one of the few unfulfilled dreams I’d be able to check off my Dare 2 Dream list before the initial deadline passed.

Now, I had known for sometime that I would be experiencing my first Bungee at Great Canadian Bungee at Morrison’s Quarry in Quebec. But, I hadn’t been able to figure out how and when I was going to be able to make it happen.

Enter Heidi.

My wife came to me, quite out of the blue actually, and made an intriguing suggestion. She’d take a day off work, we’d pull funds from our “family time” budget and, bringing the kids with us, we’d turn my “dream” into a family outing.

That was awesome. (My wife is so smart).

Then, my 12-year old daughter, Aliyah, approached us, quite out of the blue actually, and expressed her interest in possibly Bungee Jumping with me.

That was awesome. (My daughter is so…brave?)

So, I called up GCB and made an inquiry into open spots for…“Tomorrow”. Despite the last minute request, they were very accommodating and our time was booked. I was so excited I couldn't sleep...but, then night time arrived and I got tired.

Wednesday, July 7th. 9:00am. With a French-English dictionary in one hand, a map in the other and a Tim Horton's bagel in the other, we were on the road to Quebec.

The drive was relatively “normal” for a family road trip. The kids kept themselves amused with episodes of Transformers, while Heidi and I spent the time staring lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Since I’m the driver, it really is amazing we arrive anywhere safely. I guess our love force field protects us.

Anyways, about 30 minutes into the drive, Heidi’s lustful gaze was momentarily broken as a shiny object on the dashboard caught her attention. I wisely used that opportunity to make sure I was still in my lane…and to ask Aliyah about her shoes.

My concern was that she was wearing her slip-on flats, instead of runners. That concern was justified, but it was too late to change her footwear. So, seeing as I was still safely within my proper lane and the shiny object had vanished, Aliyah went back to watching Optimus Prime shoot at Megatron and I resumed my silent game of seduction with Heidi.

Not long after crossing the border into Quebec we turned into Morrison’s Quarry. You’d think a bunch of rocks would be “blah”, but it was actually quite stunning. The scenery is certainly one of the reasons that Great Canadian Bungee is considered one of the five best Bungee Jump facilities in the world. The huge white rock cliffs surrounding a blue, crystal clear “lagoon” creates an absolutely breath taking environment.

We parked our car and walked to the Bungee office/hut where Aliyah and I filled out a form (478 pages less than Skydiving)...

...and were weighed.

Having arrived earlier than scheduled we were prepared for a long wait but within a half hour our names were called and our adventure officially began! After kissing Heidi and Connor goodbye (for what could’ve been the last time), Aliyah and I joined the group being led up a long winding path to the Bungee bridge.

STAY TUNED FOR BUNGEE - Part 3: A Leap of Faith


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