Friday, April 23, 2010

Dare 2 Dream: BIG SHOW!


It's been over 12 weeks since I launched my Dare2Dream initiative: a whirlwind journey to fulfill 18 personal dreams in 25 weeks. Well, we've reached the half way point and it has gone quickly. During the last few weeks, I've been asked many times, "How many dreams have you fulfilled?" The answer is...none.

WHAT!? None?

Yep. None.

But, that is about to change. After weeks of assessing and preparing and with July 21st fast approaching, the whirlwind journey is about to turn into a hurricane.

The doors blow open on May 1 at the "Seriously Funny!" event in Scarborough, ON.

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At the show, after performing a stand-up comedy routine and sharing about the Dare2Dream journey, I will fulfill my FIRST dream live on stage.

Which dream, you ask? Dream #8. That's right, the first item of the list to be scratched off will be "Attack my greatest fear"! The jokes may be funny, but the fear is no joke.

It is going to be quite the moment...and quite a show, in general.

Not long after announcing the show, musical group "Jazz Unhinged" and comedy musician "Doctor Dale" expressed interest in daring to dream with me. They were promptly added to the line up, and I am excited to no end!

The show will also help to accomplish Dream #11: "Raise money for charity", which now has a $10,000 goal attached to it. Ten thousand dollars!? Isn't that alot? Yep. I'm a dreamer remember.
A portion of the ticket sales (from this show and hopefully others) will be donated to "Stillerstrong", which is presently working with "Architecture for Humanity" to build schools in that earthquake ravaged country of Haiti. We can't forget Haiti...

Anyways, that's it for now...because if I say too much, I'll have nothing to reveal at the show...
Although, I will mention that I'm up to 17k while preparing for my marathon (Dream #9) and have been surprising myself (and annoying my family) while practicing the drums (Dream #16).
To attend click here for all the info.
If you'd like to help the fundraising effort and host a show, in the near future, please email
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