Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Reese Puffs Challenge

I was sitting down at the breakfast table reading the cereal boxes - as I am want to do -when I found myself fascinated by the challenge put forth by Reese Puffs:

18 Things to do before you’re 18

I was like, “Hey, I’m over 18! I bet I accomplished most of these things!” Well, I didn’t think a box of sugar-laced cereal would ever have caused such incredible feelings of disappointment.

Here’s their list and the status of my pre-18 years:

1. Ride the world’s biggest rollercoaster. NO
2. Bungee jump. NO
3. Score the winning goal/basket. YES
4. Win an award, trophy or prize (and thank the world). YES/NO
5. Learn an instrument. YES…but I can’t play anymore so, NO
6. Go backstage at a gig. NO
7. Meet your idol. NO
8. Play a part in your favourite TV show. NO
9. Meet someone with your own name. YES
10. Make a discovery (and name it after yourself). NO
11. Get away with the perfect practical joke. NO
12. Own a pointless collection. YES
13. Invent a word that makes it into the dictionary. NO
14. Conquer your biggest fear. NO
15. Raise money for charity. YES
16. Pass your driving test the first time. NO
17. Complete a road trip coast to coast. NO
18. Reach 18 years of age. NO (I couldn’t pull that off BEFORE I turned 18)

I’m so depressed. According to Reese Puffs, I’m an absolute bore! Before I turned 18, I managed to accomplish six of the 18 challenges. SIX! That means I'm only a 33% success…if you include the two partial "yesses". And, to be quite honest, I can’t remember scoring a winning goal/basket...I just assume I have, but I can’t pinpoint the event.

So really, I’m three for 18. What kind of sad existence have I been living?!
To make it worse, I’m now 36 and having lived 18 years…twice, I have only been able to add, “Go backstage at a gig” (at shows I’ve worked) and “Name something after myself” (which again is only a partial).

I don’t know if I can face my children again. I mean, sure we all had a good laugh at the meal, but it was just one giant charade.

Now, to be fair to myself, I didn’t see this challenge when I was a kid…so I have an excuse of sorts. However, Reese Puffs has now officially laid down the gauntlet and I can no longer plead ignorance.

That's the last time I read a cereal box. It ruined my day.
But, don't rest Reese Puffs...I don't forget easily.
*To see my response go HERE

Have a good one,

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