Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SKY DIVE - Part 1: Virgins, Grandfathers & Daring 2 Dream

Some time ago, I remember having a conversation with an airplane virgin. Please note that I didn’t say “virgin on an airplane”…that is a very different thing.


1. Air-plane Vir-gin (air-pleyn vur-jin) n.
A person who has never flown.
2. Virgin on an Airplane (vur-jin awn an air-pleyn) n.
An airplane passenger who has never had sex.

After I had shared about the joys of flying, the virgin, re-affirming their vow of airborne chastity, steadfastly declared “If God had meant humans to fly He would have given us wings.”

Well, yesterday God gave me Oleg…and I flew!

To celebrate his 65th Birthday, my late grandfather jumped from an airplane…and for the record, he isn’t “late” because of the jump. In fact, he lived to tell of his adventure for another 20 plus years. But, at the time, a pre-teen boy (namely me) was thoroughly impressed with his granddad’s amazing feat and the seeds of skydiving were firmly planted into this wonky brain of mine.

Finally, after 25 years of procrastifearination (procrastination driven by fear), I finally decided that it was now or never. I would, indeed, follow in my Granddad’s footsteps but as a younger man than he was. And hopefully, as did he, I would not only soar in the sky…I’d live to tell of it.

When I added “Sky Dive” (Dream #14) to my Dare2Dream list, back in January, it not only raised a few eyebrows, but very likely the hair on the necks of some. I have quickly discovered that the concept of tossing yourself out of an airplane (while in the air) is a very polarizing subject.

As my jump date approached, two very clearly defined camps emerged among my circle of friends:

The “Awesome I’m so jealous have a great time” Camp and,
The “Are you insane have you gone crazy I’d never do that in a million years even if I was forced to choose between jumping and facing a swarm of horse-sized brain eating jungle beetles” Camp.

Having since overcome my fear, taken the leap…and survived, let me address both camps:

“It was more than awesome, you should be extremely jealous and I had a double great time! I may be insane and crazy but skydiving is not as terrifying as it appears and even more awe-inspiring than you could ever imagine! Everyone should do it once…you will not regret it!”

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Dare 2 Dream,


  1. I'm so glad you did it! It truly is an amazing experience. I never got a video of when I did it (too broke at the time) so I look forward to seeing yours!

  2. I'm proud of you! But, no, I don't think I'll do it...and not from fear of the jump, but of the landing and with a bum hip!! The pillow wouldn't be large enough!! But I'm so glad you did the jump!